Watchman On Wall Prayer Ministries

Watchman On Wall Prayer Ministries

Is Watchman a special ministry to which God has called certain people? God has called every believer to be a watchman, but with different jurisdictional responsibilities.

God has called some to be the watchman on the walls of their churches, ministry, cities, and some called to be watchmen over nations. Jeremiah and Isaiah were called to be watchmen over Israel. Some are called to be watchmen on the wall in an international way. So this is not something that is limited to a few people, but every believer should be trained in, and all should be engaged in the watch to some degree. Everyone is responsible, and they must know their area of responsibility in being a Watchman.

A true watchman constantly watches God, the Chief Watchman. They are attentive to Him and consequently sees things through God's eyes and Word, clearly hears and obeys His voice, is faithful in practicing all aspects of watching as led by the Holy Spirit. We will not know until eternity how many of the devil’s attacks worked because those who were called to watch were sleeping and not paying attention to God's voice.

Many breakthroughs are coming as watchmen are on the walls individually and collectively. However, the God of the breakthrough is not only using our watches to prepare the way for the Lord, but He is also using many watches, worldwide to prepare us as worshiping watchmen, and to help us develop intimacy with Him to be His Bride forever!

The Watchman Prayer Ministry is a team of prayer warriors ready to do intercession and warfare for any and all needs and concerns.

Watchman On Wall Prayer Ministries contact information:

Morning Watch PrayerLine for USA:
Mon-Wed-Fri 5am - 6am EST
Dial-in Ph: 218.339.3600
Access Code: 1029812#
Prayer Requests: Tue 9pm - 10pm
347.850.1109 Blogtalkradio
Ministry Ph: 914.272.7609
Submit Manuscripts:

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Mar 08, 2013
Prayers against witchcraft and marine withches against me NEW
by: ONyenmeri Longlife Collins


Please I am Onyenmeri Collins Tobechukwu from Nigeria pray for me that God will help me and destroy every evil witchcraft powers fighting against me and my life prosperity and investments . That God will help me complete my building and help me complete my building i am building in Nkwelle near a native doctor places that's fighting me. That God will help me with a lot of money and good health and long life and to build many companies and become and Trillionaire in pounds and dollars and to live long and be a hyper super centenarian . God should Fire and over power Mama Osita the herbalist close to my house fighting me and send all her spiritual attack and practices she does against me back to her, and her children and to her cohorts in hundred fold and bind it on her and her cohorts fighting me.

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