Someone Very Concerned About The Last Days, And Need Answers Please!


I have a few questions I would like answered if you can please?

1. Why was the Sabbath Day - 4th Commandment (Saturday), changed to Sunday (known as the Sun-God)? And, who changed it?

2. Why do we celebrate Christmas 25th December as God's son's birth? When it doesn't tell us in Holy Scripture when He was actually born? Was this not a Pagan Festival, celebrating the birth of the Sun-God? So, are we REALLY celebrating the birth of our savior?

3. Why do we celebrate Easter as the resurrection of our Savior? Again, there is no dates in Holy scripture to let us know when this actually occurred? Was this not another Pagan Festival to worship certain Babylonian Gods?

4. Why did God change His mind about the name of His son? God spoke to Mary and said that she would have a son and call His name Emmanuel (meaning God is with us), then I can't find anywhere where God said to her to call his name Jesus??? Has this name something to do with Zeus?

5. 88 times in the NT Jesus is referred (or talks about Himself) as the Son of Man? How can this be? If He was the Son of Man it would mean He was a sinner the same as the rest of us. Why did He not say the Son of God? God spoke to Ezekiel in the OT many times and called him the Son of Man (because he was).

6. Has anyone ever challenged Holy Scriptures, as they have been delivered down through the Centuries? Because Daniel 7:25 God predicts that the Anti-Christ would think to change times and laws.

7. Why does God say in Revelation, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE AND DON'T TAKE PART IN HER SINS? - Could God be telling us, that we have been sucked into the Anti-Christ System, and are partaking in the Pagan Festivals, that she has brought about? God also tells us that: My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

8. Could it be that the very elect has been deceived as it tells us in the Scriptures?

9. Has anyone ever thought of a Conspiracy regarding TRUE Christianity? After all the Roman Catholics call themselves Christians (but yet deny a LOT of scriptures). What sets the TRUE Christians apart from the RC Christians?

10. Could the Mark of the Beast be partaking in her sins? And the Mark of God is keeping His Commandments (Especially the 4th Commandment the Sabbath Day)?

My hope and prayer is that we all find the TRUTH, because it is only the TRUTH that is going to set us free in these last days.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Dear Concerned,

You can copy -n- paste your questions at Questions for Hal Lindsey I'm sure someone at Hal Lindsey's website has the answers.
Tom - BiographyMinistries

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Dec 22, 2010
added thought for our concerned friend
by: wayne

If you like details, that may answer some of your questions. Read Dispensation truths by Clarence Larkin.

Dec 22, 2010
concerned friend
by: wayne

I don't understand why you are worried about such details. When you KNOW the Lord, everyday is Sunday and everyday is Christmas and Easter. You said you are looking for TRUTH, His Name is Jesus,and He has many other names. You and I will soon be in Heaven and I am sure you won't be worried about details then. Remember the Bible says,This is life eternal that you might KNOW Him and the power of His resurrection. God bless you!

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