by Solomon Pacheco
(Denver, Co.)

Dear Pastor, I have followed your ministries and have read much of your literature throughout the years. Last night I tuned in as usual and to be perfectly frank with you, I was shocked as to how the Evangelical community has gone to the extreme right on their politics.

First let me say, I agree with you that religion and politics go hand in hand but when you try to impose your political beliefs on your flock, that's where I get off.

You call Obama the anti Christ, you condemn him for so-called entitlement programs, how they are bankrupting our gov't, I agree with you that we are way over extended but you fail to inform your flock as to how we got there.

A republican congress and administration got us in the pickle we are in today by allowing the BP's, Golden Sachs, AIG, etc. etc. to run amuck bringing us to a near calamity, yet when a democratic Adm. and congress try to bring us out of it, you put the blame on them.

Have I been studying about a different Jesus Christ than you? Jesus was born in poverty, surrounded himself with the huddle masses, fed 5,000 and 4,000, cured the very poor, the outcasts of society, such as exiled lepers, forgave sins of prostitutes, took out demons of every walk of life, no where have i read about him catering to the rich and special interest groups.

I have heard nothing but venomous preaching coming from you, Jack Van Impe and other evangelicals because of the entitlements. Let me be so bold to suggest that you take a tour of the real America.
Park your private jet in it's hangar, your SUV in the garage and hang your $1,000 suite in your closet, done a pair of old jeans, an old shirt, put on your sandals and go visit the ghettos.

Tell them to get the lead out, find a job and quit mooching from the tax payers. Stop and have a meal with the homeless at the mission, tell them to have pride and not take the free meals offered to them.

Take a walk to the senior citizen assisted living village and tell them to stop taking medicare (an entitlement). Take a stroll to the general hospital and tell them that they should be ashamed taking advantage of medicaid(an entitlement).

Visit the city jail, talk to the gangbangers and tell them to get an education and get off the streets, go to the orphanage and tell them they have to go out on the street, it's costing to much money (another entitlement program).

Finally take a walk to the American Native reservation and tell them to be proud, leave the reservation and go get a job (no more entitlements).

You see Pastor...if it wasn't for entitlements the huddle masses would just starve to death. I am 69 years old surviving on SS/with medicare(an entitlement).

Without medicare I would not survive for to long, you see Pastor, I have diabetes with serious complications if not treated with such expensive medicine I would not otherwise be able to afford to buy for one day much less for years.

Where does the clergy get off embracing the special interest groups instead of the huddle masses as Jesus himself did on his short life as a god human.

When you give the liberals all that crap for taking care of the little people, who else will do it, other than the Catholic church?

Did Jesus not say we were all created equal, are we not all loved by the Father, has the evangelical society gone the way of the Pharisee and the Sadducee instead of following the teachings of The Christ?

You sir never mention the cost of the two wars we're fighting at an exuberance cost, you never mention the elite group that cost us dearly by sending our monetary system into chaos, but let an entitlement go to the poor and, WOW!!
Communists, anti-Christs, libbers.

Tell that to the masses that were laid off from the crash in 2008, how they need their unemployment benefits, some have already gotten 6 extensions, thanks to the democrats for allowing these unfortunate people to put food on their tables (another entitlement).

I plead with you sir, don't preach from an ivory pulpit, preach from the level that Jesus himself preached from.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write this most profound note, I hope your staff lets you read it. I'm not the only one who feels this way, many, many do, it is out of concern for our faith.

When you are passing by the cemetery and you whistle a tune and turn the other way, be aware that you're ignoring a very huge populace of our society.

Entitlements are abused all the time by far to many but the benefits that it brings to the ones that truly need them far outweighs the abuses. Yours Truly, Solomon Pacheco

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Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

AMEN! Mr. Pacheco

The word of God doesn't give us the right to demonize our leaders, but to pray for them (1 Timothy 2:1,2). It is very sad to see "Christian" leaders unleash such hatred in this land. Where is the call for sincere prayer for our leaders and nation? Where is the fear of God? The love of God? I am not a bible scholar; I don't know much about the future (I know that God holds it and me in His hands),but I believe that according to Daniel 4:16-18, it is God who rules in the kingdom of men and He gives it to whomever He wills. According also to Jude 8, 10 it speaks of those who speak evil of dignities (government) and speak of things they don't know of or fully understand. When Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses, God heard, and judged.

I believe that God has had mercy on this country because we consider the poor. See what the bible says about it. God surely is not conservative when it comes to the downtrodden, the out cast, the widows and orphans. Giving to the poor is as lending to the Lord and He will give it back again.

It does not matter who is in office, Republican, Democrat or other, God rules, He sees, He hears, and He judges. When Israel wanted a king as other nations, God allowed it, but told them exactly what they would get (1 Samuel 8:11-22).

Politics is one of satan's greatest tools to cause division among "Christians". Whew! This last election really brought out some mean spirited reactions. Those "Christians" who have a platform to reach millions should have been calling the people of God to fast and pray for our leaders and country rather than giving in to satan's devices
to try and divide and weaken (because he will never conquer)the church in the eyes of the whole world.

Mattie Mc.

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