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Pastor Van Impe of Jack Van Impe Ministries says he spent about 35,000 hours in memorizing 14,000 verses.

And that time was all invested for the glory of God. There were no contests to win.

No awards to receive. No one challenged him to a memory marathon.

His service for Christ here was just as real to him as preaching or leading a soul to Christ.

Born February 1930 he is a televangelist who appears on his weekly television show Jack Van Impe Presents. Van Impe's website claims that he is known as the "Walking Bible" because of his extensive memorization of Bible verses.

Jack Leo Van Impe is originally from Troy, Michigan (just north of Detroit), Van Impe was an accordion player as a child, performing duets with his missionary father across Michigan and other states.

In 1948, Van Impe graduated from high school and entered Detroit Bible College, earning his diploma in 1952 and beginning his career as a preacher and evangelist as well as an extensive recording career.

In an episode of Jack Van Impe Presents, Jack notes that during his years working with the Billy Graham crusades, Van Impe met his future wife, Rexella (b. 1932), who was an organist with the crusades. The couple were later married and started their own joint ministry.

Since the 1950s, Van Impe has released dozens of Gospel and spoken word recordings.

His first album Presenting the Van Impes features Van Impe on the accordion as well as Rexella's organ playing. Subsequent musical recordings featured the accorgan, a type of electronic accordion.

Jack Van Impe Presents is video-taped at the Jack Van Impe Ministries World Outreach Center, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. His wife, Rexella, co-hosts the telecast with him. On a typical show, Rexella begins by reading a recent news headline. Van Impe then applies his memorization of Bible verses to interpret the news story.

Van Impe also interprets Bible prophecies, quoting Bible verses throughout his commentary. At the close of every program, Van Impe extends an invitation for viewers to become born again, followed by Rexella announcing the featured fund-raising item of the week (usually one of Van Impe's books or videos) and announcer Chuck Ohman asking viewers to purchase one of Van Impe's books, video tapes, or other media products.

Over the years, Jack Van Impe Ministries has set many specific years for the second coming of Jesus, but has continued to move his prediction later. Many of these years have already passed and he recently pointed to 2012 as a possible date for the second coming.

Jack Van Impe Ministries does not
claim to know the exact date...

...of the Second Coming of Christ, but quotes verses which imply that humankind should know when the second coming is near.

Prior to January 1, 2000, Van Impe frequently predicted widespread catastrophe resulting from the Y2K problem, which he believed was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. His predictions, however, proved inaccurate.

In November 2005, Van Impe told viewers of his show that when reviewing television ratings and viewership of Jack Van Impe Presents, he had discovered that in markets where the show airs from midnight to 6am local time, ratings for Jack Van Impe Ministries were significantly higher than in markets where the show aired at any other time of the day.

Subsequently, he asked viewers for donations to buy post-midnight airtime for the television markets around the U.S.

In episodes aired the last week of December 2005, Van Impe thanked viewers for their donations and announced that the last contracts had been signed that week to officially make Jack Van Impe Presents available in all 210 U.S. television markets, with over half of them showing after midnight.

In episodes airing the week of June 12, 2006,

Van Impe announced that the new contracts had enabled the show to double its previous viewership levels, levels that had remained relatively steady over the show's 20-year history.

In 2001, Jack Van Impe Ministries "won" the humorous/mock Nobel Prize for astrophysics for its assertion that "black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell."

For much of his life, Jack Van Impe was a fierce proponent of the fundamentalist doctrine of Biblical separation, which advocates the isolation of individuals believed to be in doctrinal error.

However, beginning in late 1970s Van Impe made a marked shift towards the inclusiveness of Ecumenism and Evangelism. His outright break with the fundamental church came in 1984 with the publication of Heart Disease in Christ’s Body.

In Heart Disease in Christ's Body, Van Impe bemoans "an appalling lack of love and unity among so many of the brothers and sisters in Christ." Van Impe's remedy for this was the relaxing of the fundamentalist definition of a Christian.

Specifically, he called for the
acceptance of a "true Christian"

as anyone who believed in the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, the Deity of Christ, the Virgin Birth, the Substitution atonement, and the physical resurrection of Christ and His personal, bodily return to earth.

Furthermore, Van Impe sought to redefine the very concept of Biblical separation. In his new formulation, anyone who disagreed that the conditions above fully defined a "true Christian" was himself in doctrinal error and thus subject to isolation.

The five points Van Impe uses to define a "true Christian" are in line with several other Christian denominations and with most Christian Apologists as well.

However, Jack Van Impe Ministries has come under fire from some Christian Apologetics groups regarding the increasingly vocal support of Catholicism since the mid-1990s.

Beginning with an article for the October-December 1995 issue of Foundation Magazine, Van Impe offered praise to Pope John Paul II and commendations for the Pope's plan for unity among all "Christians" and the establishment of a "world church."

On August 30, 2005, Van Impe said of Pat Robertson,

"We do not need an Osama bin Laden" leading us and called for Robertson to recant his positions calling for assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and the death of a Supreme Court Justice.

Jack Van Impe Ministries does not feature a "Word of Faith" or prosperity gospel, but rather an end-times philosophy heavily based on the Book of Revelation. Van Impe is often critical on his television show of his fellow television pastors who spend too much time on fund-raising and not enough time on "preaching the gospel of Jesus".

He also believes the European Union to be the "Revived Roman Empire", which will one day be headed by the Antichrist, which he has centered as a plot in some of his sponsored videos.

In early 2006, Rexella reported on their TV show that Van Impe had gone into remission after being diagnosed with cancer in 2005. The specific type of cancer that he had been diagnosed with was not disclosed.

On the same episode, Van Impe added that the radiation treatments that he had been undergoing as part of his fight against cancer were what had led to the bout of sepsis that he had previously disclosed in mid-2005, an illness so severe that it nearly took his life.

In the week of June 19, 2006,
Jack Van Impe Ministries disclosed...

...that Pastor Van Impe had undergone two total knee replacements in early 2006.

He gave thanks to God for his recovery and for leading him to the "wonderful surgeon" who did the operation. On 25 July 2007, he stated that the knees clicked as he walked around the house.

Below is some of Van Impe's earliest products:

  • Presenting the Van Impes Crown Records CV-1003
  • Accorgan Artistry
  • Singing And Making Melody With The Accorgan
  • Marked For Death: Can America Survive? (1969)
  • From Nightclubs to Christ (1970)
  • The Coming War With Russia

Jack Van Impe Ministries tells us the Book of revelation is the final work of the New Testament and the Revelation of Jesus Christ which details world history from the time of the apostle John to eternity. It constitutes God's description of future facts and events.

Current international events reflect exactly the conditions and happenings predicted throughout the Bible for the last days of this age.

Jack Van Impe Ministries Website Statistics

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39641: Revelation Revealed Revelation Revealed
By Jack Van Impe Ministries / Thomas Nelson
The Book of Revelation, verse by verse! Dr. Van Impe illuminates John's portrait of the end times, just as the apostle described it---and just as the Spirit of God dictated it so long ago. Stunning parallels from throughout the Bible offer dramatic witness to the truth of John's vision. 272 pages, softcover from Nelson.

40730: Millennium:  Beginning or End Millennium: Beginning or End
By Jack Van Impe / Thomas Nelson
What will life be like when Christ reigns supreme over the entire world? This book chronicles the 1,000 year period, after seven years of tribulation, when all of mankind will bow before the powerful presence of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, in all His glory. This riveting book offers a futuristic lool at the events that will lead up to the return of Christ and what out lives will be like during this truly amazing time of prophecy fulfilled.

40435: Final Mysteries Unsealed Final Mysteries Unsealed
By Jack Van Impe / Thomas Nelson
What did God mean when he commanded Daniel to "close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end"? Prophecy expert Van Impe probes the mysteries of the Book of Daniel to show you the truths that Daniel's visions hold for us today. A revealing look at the ultimate destiny of our world! 240 pages, softcover from Word.

40737: The Great Escape The Great Escape
By Jack Van Impe Ministries / Thomas Nelson
As a leading expert on Bible prophecy, Van Impe hears many questions about the rapture: Can anyone know the exact time it will happen? Will children be taken up? Will there be a "second chance" for those left behind? Now he merges Scripture and current events to answer all your questions about the great escape. 226 pages, softcover from Word.

5600EB: Revelation Revealed - eBook Revelation Revealed - eBook
By Jack Van Impe Ministries / Thomas Nelson

009734: The Mark of the Beast The Mark of the Beast
By Dr. Jack & Rexella Van Impe / Cloud Ten Pictures
The mark of the beast is one of the clearest prophecies of the Bible. It simply says that in the last days no man or woman will be able to buy or sell anything unless they are willing to receive "the mark" in their right hand of forehead. How close are we to such a totalitarian system? Are all of the necessary pieces already in place? You'll find the answers in this stunning docu-drama from Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe.

You'll be amazed to hear about the latest developments in computer surveillance, spy satellites, implantable microchips, hand-scan machines and global databases. Though controversial interviews with leading figures in these new technologies, social reform and prophecy, you'll get the latest information on these astounding developments that foretell the coming of the Mark of the Beast.

009633: Last Days: Hype Or Hope? Last Days: Hype Or Hope?
By Dr. Jack & Rexella Van Impe / E1 Entertainment Dist
Is Bible prophecy really being fulfilled in this generation? Could Armageddon and the end of the age be just around the corner? Skeptical investigative reporter Steve Stone sets out to find the truth in this incredible new docu-drama.

Carefully analyzing Biblical prophecies, Stone, (Gareth Bond) takes a hard look at the facts in this shocking and exciting new film. Reporting from France, Israel, Turkey, the United States and Canada, Stone carefully examines world events to see just how closely they align with what the Bible says.

Get in the Word ...and... Get the Word in you - Tom from BiographyMinistries

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founder of Christian NOT religious ministries & North American information services. We endorse & only use the one & only book God wrote (there is none else)!  
Modern "bibles" are truly counterfeit & self-incriminating!! They print the last several verses from Revelation taken from the olde KJV when they have …

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Bible memorization 
How does Jack memorize all those verses? Is there a certain Bible version we should use? Interested in getting the Word in my spirit and heart. Thank You, …

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I would reference such comments as James Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, architect of the Federal Reserve Act 1913. Mr. James Warburg on 8/9/1950 told …

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I watch Jack Van Impe every day and I feel that he is anointed by the Lord to preach. Anyone talking against him is on dangerous ground and will pay dearly. …

Only Jesus. 
I think it says alot that he is not so money focused as MANY tv evangelists are! That right there is what made me believe what he is saying is from God …

Mr Van Impe, you are not above showing humility in ministering to your congregants. You are not above showing respect to the President of this country. …

A J Marshall D D  
I think that you are the most well informed speaker I know. I have been trying to purchase your prophetic bible. Please send me all literature on anything …

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I have supported JVIM for 25 yrs. or more, he is right on target about the coming events according to the bible. U mixed up people who think they know …

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