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Enduring Truth Ministries founder Paul Earl Sheppard has been senior pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California, since 1989. Under Paul’s visionary leadership, this church has become one of the most unique congregations in northern California, developing from a small African American church of 34 members into a thriving multi-racial fellowship of more than 6,000 followers of Christ.

A native of Philadelphia, Paul has studied at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Urban Theological Studies, and the Southern California School of Ministry. He holds a Master’s degree in Ministry and a Doctorate of Divinity.

Paul is a board member of NRB (National Religious Broadcasters Association) and has served as a speaker for major Christian conferences across the country including those sponsored by Promise Keepers, Family Life, Hawaiian Island Ministries, and many other organizations.

Paul is also an author whose newest book entitled Build A Bridge And Get Over It! is scheduled for release by Spring 2009 through Xulon Press. This book deals with improving relationships and walking in unity despite denominational, cultural, and personality differences among members of the body of Christ.

You may view the Abundant Life Christian Fellowship website at: alcf.net

Abundant Life Christian Fellowship is a unique community and a special place to worship. A church that is centered on the shared identity in Jesus Christ and this reality is lived out in the culturally, generationally, and socio-economically diverse congregation.

The church is committed to dynamic, practical, and Bible-based teaching. They are deeply involved in serving their local community, and their fellowship extends to hundreds of small groups which meet for connection and spiritual growth in homes all over the Bay Area.

Message from Pastor Wayne L. Jackson of ALCF.

It is with great sadness that we announced this past weekend (December 19-20) the resignation of Pastor Paul Sheppard from our church. Pastor Paul had been the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life for the past 20 years, and his ministry touched countless lives. We honor God for Pastor Paul’s service and the good fruit borne of his ministry, even as we regret the circumstances of his resignation. Please join us in keeping Pastor Paul, Sister Meredith, and their family in prayer.

Enduring Truth Ministries
PO Box 52160
Palo Alto CA 94303

Enduring Truth Ministries website is: enduringtruth.org

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Oct 19, 2012
Missing The Truth NEW
by: S. FieldsAnonymous

Dear Pastor Paul Sheppard:

I miss hearing the truth of God's word coming from your ministry. Please don't give up...we all make mistakes in life, that's why God gives us another chance. Where are you...where have you gone? Please embrace us again with your loving, kind, God-giving spirit, and comical demeanor. You always brought a smile on my face and joy in my heart knowing that you are a true man of God. We need more people in the world like you. Please come back to us.

With much love always, God bless you!

Jun 20, 2011
Man on the silver Mountain
by: Eddie Rodriguez

Where are you pastor Paul? I miss you my brotha, I use to listen to you on kkla 99.5 in S.Cal on my way to and from work, and every time you would blow my mind with those CRYSTAL CLAER WORDS that touched and opend my heart and mind. you are my mentor, you are the man on the sylver mountain that comes down with fire and lifts our spirits higher. I hope everything is well with you and your famaly.GOOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHA, LOVE YA!

Mar 08, 2011
Thank You
by: Steven D. Harris of Columbia Md

Dear Pastor Paul. So many times I had the opportunity to call you and express my dearest thanks for your ministry. I thank the Lord for you and pray that you will be on the air soon. God Bless you my Brother in Christ. Take care, and God Bless you and your Family

Jan 18, 2011
Missing your broadcast on KDRY
by: Tommie

Hello! Hoping that you and your family are having a good start to 2011. I also wanted to say that your broadcast on KDRY are missed. I hope that sometime I will hear your messages and sense of humor on the air--or internet. God bless and best wishes in whatever you do.

Jul 22, 2010
affiliation request
by: charles onduso

Dear Pastor
Greetings in Jesus name trusting that you are doing well in His service.
I am seeking for affiliation with your mission, I have visited your web site and I am totally interested to know more about your mission, it is so beautiful and thank you for the believe and truth about the word of God.
Grace and peace be multiplied into you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. May God bless you as I am waiting to hear form you soon.
Pastor Charles

Mar 11, 2010
Living by the Joy Principal
by: Sherry Turnetine & Family

Pastor Paul Sheppard and family, I heard your voice one day on the radio station about 3 years ago and listened to you daily up until your last broadcast message 1/1/2010. I miss hearing your voice, you blessed people in a way that I have never found a connection with the word of God like you deliver, we need you back on the air waves, simply because people are dieing everyday and going to hell, you were choosen by God to peach the Gospel the Good news of JESUS Christ and the world is missing you and crying out for help. My prayer is for you to come back on the air we have forgiven your past sins just like God has forgiven me, I attend Tabernacle Bible Church in Wichita Kansas my Pastor is Lincoln Montgomery, and I would like to invite you and your beatiful wife Meredith to come and visit us sometimes, I also know some friends of yours from California, Minister Joesph & Kowenna Bowen, her parents Minister Bennie & Mary Calip, they are members of my church here in Wichita Kansas please contact them and let know how much the world misses you and you have a open invitation to come and Preach at Tabernacle Bible Church looking forward too meeting you and your wife someday. Your Sister In Christ

Feb 25, 2010
In Prayer
by: Linda J.

I enjoyed the teachings of Pastor Paul E. Sheppard. I don't know the circumstances behind his announced failures. However; I know that he has asked for God forgiveness, then he has been forgiven. It takes alot to stand before the whole world, and proclaim that that you have sinned. I beleive this process will make him a better person spiritually if he continues to have a strong spiritual connection with God. I am awaiting to hear future sermons from this great Pastor. He and his family will continue to be in my prayers.

Feb 18, 2010
Get Well
by: Kenneth Baker

Love you brother Paul! Get well!

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