Dear beloved in Christ:
Greetings to you in His Wonderful Name! We are very thankful to the Lord for this great privilege to contact you about our faith ministry among the lost, unreached areas, neglected, down-trodden people, needy children and orphans. We have a burning desire, a great zeal, a great burden and full of compassion for the perishing souls and needy children.

We have been fully dedicated and decided all our lives to live for Christ, to surrender all to Jesus and to win lost and needy children for Christ in this end-time. Since 1970, we have been evangelizing independently by faith basis only among the Hindus who worships the dumb idols, and Tribal areas that do not know Christ as their Saviour nor heard of Christ.

We evangelize among the unreached gospel areas, slum areas, and weaker section. Doing personal evangelism, child-evangelism, door-knocking and literature ministry. We are reaching out the lost and needy children in His Name--------preaching the gospel of Christ and helping the needy children and orphans which is very little. We seek to evangelize the multitudes of the lost and needy to bring them unto Christ.

And every day, we share the gospel with the unsaved in the remote rural areas and witness Christ in many unreached gospel areas. We are involved also in the Social service among the needy children and orphans and refugee children and HIV/AIDS people and children who are starving and struggling each day to stay alive. We find in our gospel ministry, many homeless, orphans, and helpless children who are dying with starvation only in our areas.

We face daily lot of troubles and sufferings in our faith ministry, due to the lack of any help. We are fully dependent only on God for the needs of our faith ministry. We need support to feed the needy children and orphans according to their daily needs. As you know, one-third of the Worlds population is in India and the population increases by 13 millions each year who will never hear about Jesus unless someone goes to them where they are.

Therefore, we need prayerful hands like you to uphold this faith ministry in prayer. We are desperately in need of your prayers and friendship in any way you can. Without your prayerful hands, it would not be possible to continue this faith ministry in our areas among the lost, needy children and orphans.

Really we need your friendship and prayers which will encourage us to make this possible. 2 COR. 9:6; Your friendship can help us to meet the needs of the needy children and orphans. We want to expand the Love and compassion of Christ with those who are dying in this uncaring world. Whatever it may be, we can use it for the Lord’s ministry only. Matt. 25:34-40; Prov. 19:17; Deut. 15:11; Psalms 10:14; 68:5; Matt. 18:5.

Prayerfully, we write this letter to you with much shedding tears and prayers for your kind and loving friendship with us in our faith ministry. Please remember the needy children and orphans in your daily prayers. We will be ever thankful to you, if you make friendship with us to the ongoing of our faith ministry of compassion and evangelism.

Your prayers and friendship will be greatly appreciated as it enables us to continue this ministry in our areas. Prayerfully, we bring forth this matter for your kind sympathetic consideration and favorable early response. We request you in His name, will you please like to share this burden with us and respond?

Thank you so much for your time and deep consideration of this appeal. India also has to be reached for Christ. The Lord will reward you now and in the life to come. May the Lord richly bless you for sharing and caring this burden with us.

Waiting for your encouraging and favorable early response. With much prayers and best wishes. “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”. Proverbs. 25:25.

In His Service,


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