by christopher verdi
(trinity florida)

I've been watching and listening to HAL LINDSAY for over 30 years and I've personally found him to be a true prophet of the living GOD of Abe, Isaac and old Jake.. he's fearless in his teachings and beliefs and I believe only this can be when JEHOVAH'S hand and only Jehovahs hand holds HAL up so all can hear the truth of many obvious and hidden prophesies in the WORD....

God bless Hal and may all who read this listen closely to him and prove out the wisdom in his programs by always seeking the Lords face personally. Also pray for him as what he does is viciously attacked by satan and this world system, but for those of us who know what we know what we know GODS will will always be accomplished... lord bless you sir!

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Jan 08, 2011
PURE IN LOVE.... Honed in the SPIRIT
by: Anonymous

bless you Busterblue, give thanks Always in all things,praise HIM who rolled out the heavens as easily a man opens a scroll;. Your testimony is very powerful as the LORD only could have sustained you. precious child and brother in CHRIST. Stand firm,your path has been ordained in your mothers womb... COME LORD JESUS.....

Jan 06, 2011
the truth
by: Anonymous

go. a healing in your physical body has been granted and ordained by jehovah jirah.. be patient in tribulation . our lord has a special plan for you and satan has attacked his plan.. bless you busterblue.and your miricle is already ordained. its manifestation lies within your seed of faithyour special ministry began a long time ago ... its time is arrived... you will feel the blessing in your body as youve already received THE BLESSINGin the throne room at the feet of the lorg .. fear not .you will be mightily used soon as you have been prepaired through great suffering and loss.. thus sayeth this servant of the living god... a kiss in the lord . HIS hand rests on you and keeps you...

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